0xCocobets: Successful Marketing Tactics of a Rising Crypto Casino

A look at 0xCocobets innovative revenue-sharing model and its potential impact on the broader crypto gambling landscape.

The emergent DeFi casino, 0xCocobets, recently launched a revenue-sharing feature and introduced new casino games, marking an interesting shift in the cryptocurrency gambling space. Here we will analyze how these marketing tactics might potentially benefit $COCO token holders and impact the broader industry.

Revenue-Sharing as a Marketing Tactic

In an innovative twist on customer retention, 0xCocobets implemented a strategy allowing holders of 50,000 $COCO tokens (approximately $3,677) in their web3 wallets to share in the company’s revenue. It’s a scheme that promises potential for passive weekly income for these token holders.

For those below the threshold, there’s a lottery-style system in place that offers the chance to win shares. This dual approach ensures engagement across the spectrum of token ownership, thus maximizing the potential for player retention.

The revenue-sharing initiative offers not just financial incentives but also provides a valuable performance indicator. The revenue available for claims by eligible token holders could provide insights into the company’s success.

Moreover, 0xCocobets is banking on diversifying its game offerings to retain user interest. The platform has recently introduced multiplayer games including multiplayer roulette, player vs player blackjack, and 3D slots, highlighting the ongoing importance of game variety in the iGaming sector.

Implications for the iGaming Industry

Based on 0xCocobets’ recent strategies, several key implications can be identified for the broader igaming industry:

  • Customer Retention through Revenue-Sharing: The revenue-sharing model targets customer loyalty and long-term engagement, hinting at potential adoption of similar strategies across other crypto casinos.
  • Investment Engagement through Lottery Mechanisms: The prize pool lottery system for smaller token holders creates additional user engagement, blurring the lines between investment and gaming in this space.
  • Game Library Innovation: The new game introductions emphasize the critical role of a dynamic and diverse game library in sustaining user interest and engagement in the crypto casino industry. These can be associated with others like stacking and no-loss game participation – innovative strategies that are proven to pay off among a younger audience.
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