AI Rules The Game: IGSA Ethical AI Initiative

IGSA sets the stage for an ethical revolution in the global gaming industry, forming an Artificial Intelligence Committee focused on fairness

The Gaming Standards Association has broadened its horizons, undergoing a transformation to become the International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA). A significant step, further accentuating its global reach in the gaming industry, was the announcement of an Ethical AI Committee.

The Dawn of Ethical AI in Gaming

The Ethical Artificial Intelligence Committee is poised to usher in a new era for the global gaming industry. The committee, boasting of industry heavyweights like Aristocrat Gaming,, Light & Wonder, Microgaming and Playtech as founding members, carries the mantle of curating AI algorithm fairness standards across gaming markets worldwide. Its core objective is to ensure the equitability and fairness of decisions influenced by AI systems.

The interim Chair of the Committee is Nimish Purohit, Vice Chair of IGSA and Global Vice President of Quality – Gaming at Aristocrat. He perceives this as a turning point in the industry, recognising the infinite potential of AI and the unique position IGSA has in safeguarding its members and the industry from the dual-edged sword AI represents.

AI is the killer app that will redefine the rules of competition,” said Earle G. Hall, Chairman of the Board of IGSA and CEO of This statement underscores the importance of the committee’s role in ensuring fair and ethical standards.

The committee will provide industry-specific guidelines, policies, and standards, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of AI’s implications within their jurisdictions.

Implications for the iGaming Industry

The developments bring into light three notable implications for the iGaming industry:

  • Strengthened AI Governance: The creation of the Ethical AI Committee underscores the need for robust ethical standards and fairness in AI applications. It marks a critical step towards better AI governance in the iGaming industry.
  • Regulatory Harmony: The formation of a non-technical committee can potentially lead to greater uniformity in regulations across jurisdictions. This harmonisation of requirements could enhance the industry’s efficiency and integrity.
  • Greater Competitive Balance: With AI set to redefine competition, the committee’s work in curating fair AI algorithms could lead to a level playing field. It suggests an industry that values equitable competition and responsible innovation, as per the general iGaming industry trends of 2023.

In the evolving landscape of iGaming, IGSA’s strategic move represents a comprehensive approach towards embracing the transformative power of AI while ensuring its ethical application, a noteworthy development in the industry’s progression.

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