ANJ and KSC Collaborate to Enhance Regulatory Measures in Online Betting

France's l'Autorité Nationale des Jeux and Belgium's Gaming Commission de Kansspelcommissie have initiated a cooperation agreement to strengthen their regulatory efforts in the online betting industry.

In a significant move, France’s l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux and Belgium’s Gaming Commission de Kansspelcommissie have initiated a cooperation agreement aimed at bolstering their regulatory efforts.

The protocol was signed by ANJ president Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin and KSC president Magali Clavie during the Gambling Regulators’ European Forum event held on 6 June. This agreement enables ANJ and KSC to share information and collaborate on regulatory matters across their jurisdictions, empowering them to conduct joint investigations and release collaborative reports.

Enhancing Licensing Procedures and Consumer Protection

The cooperation agreement between ANJ and KSC focuses on various areas, including licensing procedures, the regulation of online and land-based operators, and consumer protection. When it comes to consumer protection, specific attention will be given to marketing practices and the prevention of problem gambling.

The regulators will also join forces to combat fraud, anti-terrorist financing, and anti-money laundering, addressing these concerns in their respective territories.

Under this agreement, ANJ and KSC can exchange information while ensuring that personal data remains confidential. However, there are circumstances where one party may refuse to share information, such as if it could compromise public order or ongoing proceedings against an operator.

Furthermore, both regulators are obligated to promptly inform each other of any immediate regulatory changes in their countries, ensuring transparency and cooperation in their shared efforts.

Ban on Athlete’s Images in Gambling Communications

Prior to the agreement, ANJ made headlines by announcing a ban on the use of athlete’s images in gambling advertisements. This move is intended to protect athletes from potential exploitation and to address concerns regarding the influence of gambling marketing on vulnerable individuals. ANJ’s proactive approach to safeguarding consumer interests aligns with the broader objectives of the cooperation agreement, demonstrating a commitment to responsible and ethical gambling practices.

Implications for the iGaming Industry:

  • Strengthened Regulatory Landscape: The collaboration between ANJ and KSC signifies a growing trend of international cooperation among regulators in the iGaming industry. This partnership sets a precedent for regulatory bodies to work together, share information, and enhance their oversight, ultimately fostering a more robust and unified regulatory landscape.
  • Enhanced Consumer Protection: With a specific focus on consumer protection, ANJ and KSC’s cooperation agreement highlights the importance of safeguarding individuals from the potential harms of gambling. By addressing marketing practices and implementing measures to prevent problem gambling, these regulators prioritize the well-being of consumers, setting a positive example for the industry as a whole.
  • Global Impact: The collaborative efforts of ANJ and KSC have implications beyond France and Belgium. As regulators join forces and exchange knowledge and best practices, the iGaming industry as a whole can benefit from a more harmonized approach to regulation. This collaboration sets the stage for future partnerships among regulatory bodies worldwide, promoting consistency and accountability in the global iGaming landscape.
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