ATG, Kindred, and Svenska Spel Set Precedent for Responsible Gambling Transparency in Sweden

In Autumn 2022, ATG, Kindred, and Svenska Spel publicly reported key metrics on responsible gambling to the Swedish Gambling Authority. They will do so every six months, in an effort to increase awareness and transparency in the industry.

In the Autumn of 2022, ATG, Kindred, and Svenska Spel decided to take a proactive approach to responsible gambling by publishing key metrics regarding their efforts to assist customers who display signs of problematic behavior. These metrics, which are reported to the Swedish Gambling Authority every six months, provide insight into the percentage of customers who have been contacted as a result of suspected or detected problematic gambling behavior. Most importantly, the metrics will demonstrate the impact of the companies’ efforts following contact.

Responsible gambling is a crucial aspect of Kindred Group plc’s sustainability efforts. By publicly reporting on these key metrics, ATG, Kindred, and Svenska Spel aim to increase awareness and understanding of the companies’ work in this area. The hope is that this reporting will inspire other Swedish licensed operators to publish similar metrics, contributing to a more transparent and fact-based dialogue about responsible gambling.

“Our decision together with ATG and Svenska Spel to openly publish important customer behaviour data, in addition to our Journey towards zero ambition, will make it easier for our stakeholders to follow and understand how we, with the help of regulation, technology, research and human interaction, work to prevent harmful gambling. We believe that a more fact-based and open dialogue contributes to a more sustainable industry and we hope other operators will follow”, says Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Kindred Group. 

The four key metrics that are reported include the percentage of customers who have been identified as displaying problematic behavior, the percentage of customers who have been contacted as a result, the percentage of customers who have been referred to external support organizations, and the percentage of customers who have chosen to self-exclude. Through these metrics, the companies are able to track their progress in addressing problematic behavior and make adjustments as necessary.

By publishing these metrics, ATG, Kindred, and Svenska Spel are setting an example for other operators in the industry and highlighting the importance of responsible gambling. The hope is that more operators will follow their lead and contribute to a more informed and transparent dialogue about the issue.

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