Australia Launches BetStop: A National Self-Exclusion Register

In an important move, Australia is launching BetStop, the national self-exclusion register, promising an effective solution to online gambling addiction.

By next month, Australia will introduce a game-changing solution to problem gambling. Named ‘BetStop,’ this new program offers a nationwide self-exclusion register that empowers Australians to ban themselves from all online gambling platforms using a single form.

The Genesis of BetStop

Introduced almost five years ago, the legislation for BetStop only recently passed. Initial attempts for creation received widespread industry support but were hampered by administrative setbacks. Still, this didn’t stop advocates, as documented by a comprehensive report by The Guardian.

BetStop: An Antidote to Ineffective Self-Exclusion Measures

Prior to BetStop, each state and territory in Australia had their own exclusion systems, criticized for not encompassing all bookmakers. This new register targets this inefficacy, replacing disparate systems with one, comprehensive self-exclusion register.

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland labelled the launch of BetStop as a “game changer.” She underlined that it would “make it easy for vulnerable consumers to self-exclude from online wagering services.

A notable feature of BetStop is that it mandates identity verification before accepting bets. This supersedes the previously proposed 72-hour window that was criticized for potentially allowing vulnerable individuals to gamble under aliases.

Implications for the iGaming Industry

The implementation of BetStop sends ripples across the entire iGaming industry, posing:

  1. Consumer Empowerment: The initiative enhances consumer protection and arms users with better control over their online gambling activities.
  2. Standard for Other Countries: BetStop could serve as a model for other countries grappling with online gambling issues, setting a global benchmark for responsible gambling initiatives.
  3. Increased Industry Regulation: With a national self-exclusion register, the Australian government can exert more control and oversight over online gambling, possibly leading to stricter regulatory measures.

This crucial step toward reducing gambling-related harm marks a turning point for Australia’s iGaming industry. BetStop promises to offer an effective solution to the long-standing problem of online gambling addiction and sets a precedent for other nations to follow.

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