MGM-Entain Venture BetMGM Targets $2bn Revenue in 2023

BetMGM Targets $2bn

BetMGM, the prosperous collaboration between MGM Resorts and Entain, has seen a meteoric rise in its net revenue for the first half of 2023, achieving an impressive 55.2% increase. This exciting announcement was part of BetMGM’s mid-year performance update, where the online betting firm reported total earnings amounting to a staggering $944.0 million.

Success Paves the Way for 2023 Targets

BetMGM’s chief executive officer, Adam Greenblatt, affirmed the company’s steadfast journey towards profitability, highlighting the “significant progress” made during the initial half of 2023.

This advancement was noted especially in Q2, with the firm achieving positive EBITDA. “I am pleased with the significant progress we have made during the first half of 2023 as we continue our strong growth and remain on our path to profitability,” Greenblatt revealed.

The firm confidently expects to maintain this robust growth trajectory, forecasting to hit the upper bracket of the full-year 2023 revenue guidance, which ranges between $1.8bn and $2.0bn. The anticipated EBITDA positivity for H2 hints at a “self-sustaining” operation, reducing reliance on further equity investment from parent companies MGM Resorts and Entain.

BetMGM’s Expansion and Market Dominance

This success story doesn’t end with the numbers, as BetMGM Targets $2bn for 2023. A significant part of the venture’s strides can be attributed to its geographical expansion within North America. This expansion includes the recent launch of digital sports betting offerings in Ohio, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico.

By the conclusion of the first half of 2023, BetMGM had established its live presence in 26 jurisdictions, including Ontario, with an impressive market share. Specifically, the venture commands a 27% share for iGaming in Ontario and 11% for online sports betting. Intriguingly, in markets where it launched on the first day, it boasts a 13% share.

BetMGM Targets $2bn in 2023: Implications for the iGaming Industry

BetMGM’s resounding success and continuous growth set a precedent with implications for the broader iGaming industry:

  • The industry can anticipate heightened competition as firms strive to emulate BetMGM’s profitable model and geographical expansion.
  • The industry could see more firms aiming to become self-sustaining, thereby reducing their reliance on external funding.
  • This success story could potentially trigger an increase in joint ventures, as companies seek to pool resources and share risks to maximize profitability and market penetration.

In summary, BetMGM’s exceptional performance in the first half of 2023 and its promising outlook for the remainder of the year offer both an exemplar and a challenge to other players in the industry.

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