Betr Launches Betr Picks in 24 US Jurisdictions

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Betr Holdings Inc. is enhancing the online betting landscape, launching a new real money fantasy sports product, 'Betr Picks', across 24 US jurisdictions.

Betr Holdings Inc. announced the addition of a new real money fantasy sports product, Betr Picks, complementing their existing Betr Sportsbook. This intuitive pick ’em style fantasy game introduces users to the thrills of real money sports betting, now available across 24 jurisdictions including California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Innovating Sports Betting: Simplified User Experience

The game introduces an opportunity to win up to 100x the initial entry, creating a dynamic and rewarding experience for users. Furthermore, Betr is planning to expand this fantasy reach to at least 30 jurisdictions by the end of 2023.

Betr Picks allows us to acquire and engage real money gaming users across the United States, enabling Betr Gaming to more fully capitalize on the nationwide presence of Betr Media for the first time“, said Joey Levy, Founder and CEO of Betr.

To celebrate this launch, Betr, the Official and Exclusive Sports Betting and Fantasy Partner for Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz, offers a special free-to-play picks game, where users can win a share of up to $1M in prizes.

The product launch is bolstered by Betr’s recent acquisition of the Chameleon platform from FansUnite, providing enhanced capabilities and sportsbook features for the upcoming V1 OSB product. The social media sub-brand @betrpicks, will create a community-driven vertical for fantasy and picks content.

Implications for the iGaming Industry

The introduction of Betr Picks, blending sportsbook and fantasy into a single application, sets the stage for:

  1. Increased User Engagement: The fantasy sports extension, in combination with real money gaming, offers a more diverse and engaging platform for users, possibly fostering user loyalty.
  2. Potential for Market Growth: By capitalizing on a nationwide audience, companies like Betr can more efficiently tap into new markets and demographics.
  3. Heightened Competition and Innovation: As companies continue to expand and diversify their offerings, it increases the demand for innovative solutions within the iGaming industry.

As Betr expands its gaming business, it continues to uphold safe and responsible play with Responsible Gaming-focused tenets in place, highlighting the company’s commitment to a sustainable and ethical gaming industry, in contrast to gambling addiction.

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