Braight AI Joins Kings Entertainment in 2023 Acquisition

Kings Entertainment's new acquisition, Braight AI, is changing the game in financial predictions, boasting a high accuracy rate in understanding borrower behaviors.

Kings Entertainment recently acquired Braight AI, signalling a novel approach to the financial landscape. Braight AI, renowned for its cutting-edge technology, employs artificial intelligence and online behavior data to revolutionize financial assessments and empower informed decision-making.

The Power of Behavioral Scoring

CEO Maciej Jarzab enthusiastically shared, “In 2018, I envisioned Braight AI: a vanguard in Big Data analytics.” He underscored the company’s unique methodology, focusing on deciphering online behaviors as a window into consumer sentiments and behaviors. Braight AI introduced the radical concept of behavioral scoring, revolutionizing creditworthiness assessments globally.

The company boasts a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm that predicts borrowers’ financial behaviors with a staggering 95% accuracy. Jarzab proudly stated, “That level of predictive accuracy enables financial institutions to access markets that were formerly unmeasurable and unseen.

Milestones and Vision for the Future

In just a few short years, Braight AI has made significant strides:

  • 2018: Launched behavioral scoring at the Startup Boot Camp in Dubai and earned recognition as a top-tier finance-shaping technology.
  • 2019: Introduced the proprietary Epeer lending platform, facilitating over 10,000 loans.
  • 2022: Expanded operations into Central and Eastern Europe and secured the prestigious How To Web award.
  • 2023: Integrated into Kings Entertainment and enhanced its presence in Canada and Europe.

Eyeing the future, Braight AI’s ambitious expansion includes:

  • Welcoming 150 million previously unbanked individuals into the banking fold by 2024.
  • Aiming to reduce default rates by 20%, translating to annual savings of 50 million EUR.
  • Projected revenue growth of over 100 million EUR by 2027.
  • Geographical expansion into Mexico, Colombia, Spain, the US, Brazil, and Africa.
  • Diversifying into the insurance and retail sectors by 2024.

CEO Jarzab expressed his gratitude towards the Braight AI team for their unwavering commitment and concluded with a vision of hope and progress for 2024 and beyond.

Implications for the iGaming Industry

  • Diversified Decision Making: With AI’s ability to predict financial behaviors, iGaming platforms can use these insights to optimize payment solutions and player retention strategies.
  • Broadened Customer Base: As financial inclusion becomes a priority, iGaming platforms can potentially cater to a wider audience, including previously unbanked individuals.
  • Innovative Collaborations: The synergy between AI and online behavior data analysis might drive strategic partnerships between tech providers and iGaming platforms, setting the stage for tailored user experiences.
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