Brazilian GamersBank Unveils Digital Banking Services for the iGaming Industry

Brazilian GamersBank Unveils Digital Banking Services for iGaming
GamersBank, a Brazilian fintech company, unveils digital banking services tailored specifically for the gaming, poker, and sports betting community, revolutionising the way gamers manage their finances.

Seamless Integration with Major Gaming Platforms

The new banking platform is available on both Android and iOS stores, and it boasts a digital account without commissions, an electronic wallet, collaborations with major websites, and numerous benefits for users. GamersBank aims to offer payment solutions and financial services that cater to iGaming enthusiasts, ensuring easy and secure deposits and withdrawals on gaming platforms.

Industry Leaders Join Forces to Create GamersBank

World poker champions André Akkari and Rafael Moraes, alongside entrepreneurs Ênio Bozzano, Devanir Campos, Dangelo Machado, and Paulo Gerber, have joined forces to create GamersBank. Their combined expertise in the financial and iGaming market has resulted in a unique banking experience tailored specifically for gamers and gamblers.

Revolutionary Features for Gaming Enthusiasts

GamersBank users can take advantage of a 100% digital account designed with gamers in mind. Partnering with leading gaming websites, the platform offers a commission-free and hassle-free solution for users to manage their financial lives with ease and security. The app allows for bill payments, transfers, prepaid MasterCard, and a plethora of other digital banking services.

GBwallet: Quick and Secure Digital Wallet

GamersBank introduces GBwallet, a digital wallet that enables users to deposit and withdraw poker chips online at partner sites. The wallet also allows users to send and receive PIX transactions directly to their CPF, including from GamersBank itself. As one of the creators, Rafael Moraes, says, “It is an e-wallet that provides a digital card for users to make real-time deposits and start playing immediately.” Users can request withdrawals at competitive rates and transfer funds to their bank account without additional charges.

GBpay: Streamlining B2B Transactions in the iGaming Industry

GBpay is a B2B solution designed exclusively for companies in the iGaming sector. The system facilitates payments through PIX (known as “eFX”), providing secure, fast, and practical transactions. GamersBank ensures total security and anti-fraud protection, along with an active customer base. In addition, GamersBank partners with major live poker events in Brazil, including the Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP), Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT), and World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOP Circuit), allowing customers to purchase tournament tickets using their GamersBank accounts and GBwallet.

Implications for the iGaming industry in Brazil

  1. Streamlined Financial Management: The introduction of an all-digital bank tailored specifically for gamers and gamblers will simplify financial management for iGaming enthusiasts. GamersBank’s services, such as commission-free accounts and seamless integration with gaming platforms, will make it easier for players to manage their funds and facilitate transactions within the gaming community.
  2. Enhanced Security and Fraud Prevention: GamersBank’s commitment to providing secure, fast, and practical transactions, along with anti-fraud protection, will instil greater confidence in the iGaming industry. By ensuring the safety of players’ funds and personal information, GamersBank could play a crucial role in attracting new users to the world of online gaming and fostering continued growth in the sector.
  3. Increased Collaboration between Gaming and Financial Services: GamersBank’s partnerships with major gaming websites and live poker events signal a growing convergence between the gaming and financial services industries. These collaborations could pave the way for further innovation in the iGaming sector, as well as the development of new products and services tailored to the unique needs of gamers and gamblers.


  1. Dependence on Partnerships: GamersBank’s success relies heavily on its collaborations with major gaming websites and live poker events. If these partnerships face challenges or disruptions, it could impact the bank’s ability to offer seamless services to its users, potentially affecting customer satisfaction and trust in the platform.
  2. Increased Regulatory Scrutiny: The integration of financial services with the gaming and gambling sector may attract increased attention from regulators, who may seek to ensure that financial transactions are in compliance with relevant laws and guidelines. GamersBank will need to navigate the complex regulatory landscape and adapt to any changes in legislation to mitigate potential risks to its operations and users.
  3. Cybersecurity Threats: As with any digital platform, GamersBank will need to continuously invest in robust cybersecurity measures to protect its users’ sensitive data and financial information from potential cyberattacks. Failure to effectively manage and respond to emerging security threats could result in significant reputational damage and loss of trust in the platform among gamers and gamblers.
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