A Leap into Cryptocurrency: NuxGame’s Strategic Partnership

NuxGame, a B2B software provider, has partnered with CoinPayments, enabling merchants to accept an array of cryptocurrencies for their iGaming services.

Renowned B2B software provider, NuxGame, has recently announced a transformative partnership with CoinPayments, a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway. This alliance paves the way for NuxGame’s merchant clients to accept an array of cryptocurrencies for their iGaming services, including the ubiquitous Bitcoin, as well as an impressive suite of over 100 altcoins.

Upgrading iGaming: Seamless Crypto Transactions

This collaboration forms part of NuxGame’s ongoing commitment to bring new payment interfaces into the iGaming industry. Previously, the company had successfully integrated reputable payment interfaces like GumBallPay and Monnet. With the addition of CoinPayments, NuxGame significantly enhances its payment processing capabilities to cater for the evolving demands of its cryptocurrency-embracing customers.

NuxGame’s latest partnership with CoinPayments underscores our dedication to staying ahead of the curve and providing our customers with the highest-quality offering,” said Daniel Heywood, CEO of NuxGame. The integration will enable merchants on the NuxGame platform to accept a range of cryptocurrencies through the use of user-friendly plugins, APIs, and POS interfaces, further simplifying transactions for both operators and players.

Sean Mackay, CEO of CoinPayments, echoed this excitement, expressing his delight in collaborating with NuxGame to extend their global presence in the iGaming industry.

Global Expansion: The NuxGame Strategy

NuxGame has been relentlessly working on expanding its global footprint. This has involved forming strategic partnerships with third-party providers and implementing internal updates to enhance its service offerings. In March, the firm integrated Amigo Gaming’s slot games into its platform to target markets in Southeast Asia, Central Europe, and Latin America.

The subsequent collaboration with Monnet was a bid to further solidify the company’s presence in Latin America. Now, with CoinPayments as a global payment partner, NuxGame is in a position to offer unprecedented value to its operators across the globe.

Implications for the iGaming Industry

The integration of CoinPayments onto the NuxGame platform signals three key implications for the iGaming industry. Firstly, it signifies a shift towards greater adoption of cryptocurrencies, a move that can potentially attract a new, tech-savvy demographic of gamers.

Secondly, it showcases the increasing importance of seamless, diverse payment options to meet the evolving needs of iGaming customers. With the integration of CoinPayments, players now have more options to choose from when making payments, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

Lastly, it highlights the potential for tech-driven partnerships to shape the future of the iGaming industry, with the right collaborations leading to improved service offerings and a more diverse, inclusive iGaming ecosystem.

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