Decentralised MetaLottery.Win: The Future of Crypto Lotteries

MetaLottery.Win offers fee-free crypto lottery games every 90 minutes with its own PLT currency listed on exchanges. Transparent, reliable process raises the bar in the decentralised crypto lottery space with plans for more games.

MetaLottery.Win, the 100% decentralized platform that offers a new lottery game every ninety minutes, is establishing a strong reputation in the industry. As the site offers a high number of daily games, it expands the opportunities to win within a shorter time frame from ticket purchase to winning ticket announcement. In addition to the lottery games, the site also offers raffle-style prize winnings.

The site operates using its own Pool Lottery Token (PLT). Since its PLT launch in 2021, the site has seen significant growth in player numbers and traffic worldwide. With all games played using the PLT crypto currency, every lottery ticket purchased raises the value of the PLT, making it a win-win situation for players. The PLT can be purchased on the website, providing a convenient one-stop-shop for playing the crypto lottery and obtaining a cryptocurrency that yields both winnings and profits from the increasing value of the currency.

PLT is listed on well-known cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Mexc and Bitmart. MetaLottery.Win’s long-term strategy sets it apart from other crypto lottery sites and raises the bar for social-community gaming to a new standard.

The site has no transaction fees and plans to launch more types of lottery games in 2023. Its focus on a decentralized platform and the crypto lottery game makes it straightforward and easy for players to get started. All transactions and pool-dividing among players are based on predefined smart contracts that automatically transfer the correct amount of money to the right people without human intervention, making the process even more reliable and transparent.

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Elly Smith

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