Divvy.Bet Initiates NFT Staking: Key Dates and Details

Divvy.Bet Initiates NFT Staking
Divvy.Bet has announced its new staking initiative, offering enhanced rewards and a tiered system to incentivize active participation in its evolving crypto betting ecosystem.

The buzzing world of crypto betting has a fresh update from Divvy.Bet: it’s staking time. Eager fans who have long required the feature now have their answer, and the platform’s core users have been quick to show their enthusiasm.

Divvy.Bet’s Staking Initiative

After releasing their first NFT Genesis collection , Divvy is back announcing their new staking system, the Divvy House Pass. This foundational NFT collectible comes in a limited edition of 2,500 units and is the golden ticket to accessing Divvy.Bet’s full array of offerings. Whether it’s the enhanced DVY token emissions, exciting referral payouts, or the unique contest entries, holding onto this pass means unlocking a treasure trove of exclusive rewards.

Stakeholders have four tiers of Divvy House Pass to choose from: Silver, Gold, Onyx, and Chrome. Each of these offers an increasingly enticing set of rewards, reflecting Divvy.Bet’s aim to promote active participation in its ecosystem.

However, there’s a timely catch. For members eyeing the upcoming rewards distribution, they must ensure their passes are staked before August 25, 11:59 pm UTC. Once the clock ticks over, a snapshot will capture all staked NFTs. “Rewards will be distributed proportionally according to the number of staked Passes,” ensuring loyal members of the Divvy.Bet community are duly recognized and rewarded.

In addition to this, Divvy.Bet has thrown down a challenge: stake more than half of the total Divvy Pass NFT supply before the snapshot deadline. As a sweetener for this challenge, 50% of secondary sales fees collected up until that point will be added to the first rewards distribution. It’s a clever move, nudging users towards staking and enhancing the dynamic atmosphere of Divvy.Bet.

Just last week, Divvy.Bet rolled out an exclusive rewards mechanism tailored for Divvy House Pass NFT holders. This system is geared to amass rewards from various tokens and transfer them to a dedicated Divvy House Pass treasury wallet, promising consistent passive earnings and refining the decentralized betting experience.

Highlighting Divvy.Bet’s prominence, Magic Eden, a prominent Solana-based NFT marketplace, announced that during the last week of July, Divvy.Bet secured a top-five position, sitting just behind Solcasino.

Divvy.Bet Initiates NFT Staking: the implications

Divvy.Bet’s staking foray offers broader insights for the entire iGaming sector:

  • User-Centric Approach: Platforms prioritizing user experience through NFT gambling and staking, like Divvy.Bet, may witness greater engagement and loyalty.
  • Blockchain Integration: Combining sports betting with blockchain technology could redefine traditional betting mechanisms.
  • Rewards as Engagement Tools: The introduction of tiered and timed reward systems can spur active participation and investment in platforms.

As Divvy.Bet blends blockchain with sports betting, it sets the stage for a user-focused, tech-forward betting era.

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