Dutch iGaming Market Flourishes as Player Accounts and Revenues Soar

dutch igaming market flourishes
The Netherlands' gambling market records significant growth, highlighting opportunities for expansion and innovation in iGaming while emphasising the need for responsible gambling practices.

Since the Netherlands’ legal gambling market opened on 1 October 2021, the gambling regulator, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has reported a steady increase in player accounts and gross gaming revenue.

According to the KSA’s fourth Monitoring Report, the number of player accounts rose by 52.6% in 6 months, from 563,000 in July 2022 to 859,000 in January 2023. The GGR also experienced a year-on-year increase of 37.7%, jumping from €90m in January 2022 to €124m in January 2023.

Young Gamblers, Self-Exclusion and Advertising Ban

René Jansen, chairman of the KSA, stated that the report confirmed their predictions about the gambling market and highlighted the necessity for a safe, regulated environment for players.

The report also revealed that 184,000 accounts operated by young people aged 18-23 participated in gambling, accounting for 21% of all active accounts in January 2023. In 2022, young bettors lost an average of €54 per month, compared to €142 per month for other gamblers.

The number of players signing up for the Netherlands’ self-exclusion register, Cruks, reached 38,000 in April 2023, representing a 65.2% increase since September 2022.

The report also noted a year-on-year increase of 398,000 in online advertisements, totalling 481,000 in January 2023. Consequently, a ban on “untargeted” gambling advertising will be implemented on 1 July, restricting operators from sponsoring television programmes and events, and engaging in sports sector deals.

Opportunities for Dutch iGaming Market

As the Dutch iGaming market experiences unprecedented growth, there is ample opportunity for both local and international operators to expand their presence and invest in innovative products and services.

With the increasing demand for online gaming, operators should focus on developing cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly platforms to attract and retain customers. Furthermore, collaborations with tech companies and other industries could pave the way for exciting new gaming experiences, all while adhering to responsible gambling practices and ensuring player safety.

What’s ahead

The continued growth of the Dutch iGaming market has several implications:

  1. Increased scrutiny and regulation: As the market expands, regulators will keep a closer eye on operators to ensure a safe environment for players, particularly young ones.
  2. Adapting to advertising restrictions: The upcoming advertising ban will require operators to find alternative marketing methods to promote their services, while adhering to the new regulations.
  3. Emphasis on responsible gambling: The growing number of players signing up for self-exclusion reflects the industry’s need to focus on responsible gambling practices, helping to minimise problem gambling and protect vulnerable players.
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