FUNToken New Strategic Alliances

FUNToken forges key collaborations, aiming to simplify crypto transitions, boost payment accessibility, and influence the iGaming sphere through strategic platforms and initiatives.

In an evolving digital currency environment, FUNToken has undertaken several collaborations intended to improve online payment accessibility. These recent developments integrate FUNToken into mainstream cryptocurrency infrastructures and highlight its involvement in the digital gaming and gambling realm.

New Partnerships

FUNToken’s integration with Guardarian aims to establish a smoother connection between traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. This allows users across over 200 countries to buy and sell FUNTokens using various payment options, such as credit cards and bank transfers, directly from the merchant’s platform.

Additionally, an alliance with Now Payments, a known cryptocurrency payment platform, enables global businesses to adopt FUNToken as a viable payment alternative. This collaboration might offer benefits such as quicker transaction processes and enhanced security mechanisms.

Another significant aspect of FUNToken’s recent endeavors includes its collaboration with CoinRabbit, a platform designed to provide loans using FUNToken as collateral. This service potentially allows users to access funds without the need to sell their FUNToken assets.

ChangeNOW DEX, a decentralized exchange, is another platform FUNToken has recently aligned with. This platform facilitates token swaps for its users. After being listed on the BTSE exchange in the previous month, the token has seen increased activity. It also introduced trading pairs such as FUN/USDT and FUN/USDC.

In recent developments, FUNToken unveiled a 20m FUNToken seed fund intended to support blockchain-related projects. The company also launched the XFUN Wallet 2.0 in July, a digital wallet designed for varied transactions and cryptocurrency swaps.

Potential Outcomes for the iGaming Industry

  • Increased Accessibility: Smooth fiat-to-crypto transitions might lead to a broader user base in the iGaming sector and increase activity in Web3 Lotteries, Crypto Casino, NFT casinos.
  • Efficiency and Security: Enhanced transaction processes and security could influence the iGaming payment systems.
  • Asset Management: Platforms like CoinRabbit might influence how players manage and utilize their assets within the industry.

In light of these collaborations, it seems FUNToken is aiming to make its mark in the digital currency domain and potentially influence the direction of the iGaming industry.

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