GambleAware Addresses Stigma and Discrimination in Gambling Harm Research

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GambleAware funds a £350,000 research project to investigate stigma and discrimination's effects on those experiencing gambling-related harm, with results expected in 2024.

GambleAware is funding a £350,000 research project to study the impact of stigma and discrimination on individuals experiencing gambling-related harm. The National Centre for Social Research, University of Wolverhampton, and Liverpool John Moores University will collaborate, with results expected in 2024.

The study aims to explore the stigma faced by those with gambling issues, considering the influence of service and healthcare providers, civil society, charitable organisations, communities, families, media, and political discourse.

It will also investigate the experiences of those dealing with gambling harm and other challenges, such as drug use, anxiety, depression, or homelessness.

Lack of Research into Stigma and Gambling

Anna Hargrave, GambleAware Chief Commissioning Officer, highlighted the lack of research, stating, “Currently there is limited research into stigma and gambling in Great Britain.” She stressed the need to break down stigmatisation and resulting discrimination.

Hargrave also pointed out the harmful consequences of stigmatisation, including shame, mental health challenges, and social exclusion, which can prevent individuals from accessing essential support and treatment services.

The research will work to identify services, interventions, campaigns, and policies to combat stigmatisation and reduce gambling-related harm. Over the next two years, GambleAware will concentrate on these areas to enhance understanding of the issue.

Results expected in 2024

In conclusion, this research project funded by GambleAware seeks to uncover the challenges faced by individuals experiencing gambling-related harm due to stigma and discrimination.

By identifying the necessary services, interventions, campaigns, and policies, the project aims to combat stigmatisation and ultimately reduce gambling-related harm. This focus will help GambleAware improve understanding and develop effective strategies to address the issue over the next two years.

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