Gambling Ad Ban: Public Support Grows Amid Industry Reforms

gambling ad ban
A new poll highlights public support for banning gambling advertising as the government prepares for a substantial industry overhaul.

A recent poll reveals that more than half of the public supports a ban on gambling advertising as the government prepares for a significant overhaul of the industry. Conducted for the charity Gambling with Lives, the survey found that 52% of respondents were in favour of a complete ban on all gambling advertising, promotion, and sponsorship. Additionally, almost two-thirds of those surveyed wanted new limits on online stakes, as explained in a dedicated article in the Guardian.

White Paper on Gambling Industry Reforms

Despite public sentiment, ministers will likely reject a blanket ban on gambling advertising in a white paper scheduled for release this week.

The Premier League recently announced it would terminate shirt sponsorship by gambling firms by the end of the 2025/26 season. Will Prochaska of Gambling with Lives, a charity supporting families affected by gambling-related suicides, criticised the Premier League’s decision to only remove ads from shirts and not stadiums or broadcasts, stating, “This data shows the public won’t be tricked into thinking it’s enough.”

Gambling Industry Lobbying and Regulation

The betting industry has strongly lobbied against excessive changes, showering supportive MPs with hospitality valued at tens of thousands of pounds.

However, the anticipated white paper would be the most significant overhaul of gambling laws since 2005. Campaigners hope it will include a statutory levy on gambling firms for research and treatment for addicts, as well as maximum stakes for online slots games.

What does it mean for the iGaming Industry in the UK

The potential implications of the proposed reforms are numerous for the iGaming industry in the United Kingdom. First, a ban on gambling advertising or tighter regulations would likely result in a significant decrease in revenue for gambling operators, forcing them to adapt to new marketing strategies.

Second, the introduction of a statutory levy would create an additional financial burden on operators, potentially impacting profits and reinvestment opportunities.

Lastly, the proposed regulations could positively lead to an increased emphasis on corporate social responsibility within the industry, with operators taking greater precautions to ensure consumer safety and avoid further regulation.

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