HotBox: Roobet and Snoop Dogg’s Smokin’ New Crash-Style Game

HotBox, a novel crash-style game, emerges from the collaboration between online gaming platform Roobet and hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, offering players a unique experience.

Renowned gaming platform Roobet has unveiled its latest collaboration with hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, who recently joined the company as Chief Ganjaroo Officer. This exciting partnership has given birth to a new game called HotBox, which is inspired by Roobet’s original game, Crash.

As Roobet Co-founder Matt Duea explains, the collaboration with Snoop Dogg has been nothing short of extraordinary. He said, “It’s incredible having Snoop Dogg on board as our Chief Ganjaroo and game collaborator. Snoop is edgy and lives outside the box, which makes Roo the perfect partner.

Snoop Dogg & Roobet

Roobet is committed to pushing the boundaries of gaming entertainment for the next generation of players. This dedication is evident in their partnership with Snoop Dogg, who has brought his unique humour and creativity to the platform. On top of that, the celebrity is a well-known investor in crypto and NFTs, making him the perfect match for an innovative crypto casino.

HotBox promises a 24/7 gaming experience that is full of fun surprises for Roobet’s players. Snoop Dogg shared his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “I enjoyed the whole process of Snoopifying Crash and makin’ it the Snoop Dogg way. So let’s roll, keep it positive and have some fun.

In addition to his role as Chief Ganjaroo, Snoop Dogg also serves as an official brand ambassador for Roobet. Snoop Dogg expressed his admiration for Roobet, saying “We share the love of doing new things, and we care about our fans – so we’re gonna change the game and do it better than it’s ever been done.”

HotBox, a game featuring sounds from Snoop Dogg

The new game HotBox is a crash-style game with input and sound from Snoop Dogg. This innovative collaboration between Roobet and Snoop Dogg offers a captivating experience for global players. The game includes inputs from Snoop as well as sounds and creatives.

Roobet Co-founder Matt Duea highlights the company’s efforts to create new products in a competitive market. With the Snoop Dogg collaboration and HotBox’s development, Roobet emerges as an industry leader, pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.

The Roobet and Snoop Dogg partnership has already shown promise, as HotBox is just the beginning. Gamers can anticipate more engaging experiences from this dynamic pair as they explore fresh online gaming possibilities.

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