India’s Government Updates Online Gambling Regulation, What Are the Implications?

India's Government Updates Online Gambling Regulation
India's government updates online gambling regulation by amending the Information Technology Rules of 2021, aiming to better define and manage gambling products and services.

The Indian government has amended the Information Technology Rules of 2021 to provide clearer definitions and regulations for gambling products and services. These new amendments will better clarify standards and requirements for online platforms and stakeholders, especially concerning online gambling.

Clarification on Online Real Money Games

Previously, the 2021 Rules classified online gambling as harmful content “inconsistent with or contrary to the laws in force”. The recent amendments now define online real money games as those involving deposits of cash or other valuables with an expectation of winning. Also covered are those offered on the internet and accessible through computer resources or intermediaries.

New Obligations for Social Media and Online Gaming Companies

Under the updated regulations, social media and online gaming firms are required to make reasonable efforts to prevent users from hosting, displaying, uploading, modifying, publishing, transmitting, storing, updating, or sharing any information related to unverified online games or promoting impermissible online games.

Self-Regulatory Bodies to Oversee Compliance

India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) now has the authority to designate online gaming self-regulatory bodies. These bodies will play a key role in enforcing the new regulations. Their responsibilities include verifying the permissibility of online real money games and ensure compliance with existing laws.

Addressing Challenges in the Digital Landscape

The Information Technology Rules of 2021 were created to address the challenges within the country’s evolving digital landscape. The regulations focus on ensuring user rights and providing safe online environments on digital platforms.

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Takes Charge

MeitY is responsible for enforcing policies and initiatives related to the growth of the Indian IT, tech, and digital economy. By amending the Technology Rules, the ministry aims to support Indian businesses, develop digital growth policies, enhance cybersecurity standards, and promote innovation.

These amendments demonstrate the Indian government’s commitment to regulate online content and protect users from harmful or illegal material. The government places particular emphasis on securing and regulating the online gambling sector.

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