Italian iGaming Market Flourishes in April with a 20.8% Increase

italian igaming market 20.8% Increase
The Italian online casino market experienced a notable 20.8% growth in April, with Lottomatica leading the charge while some major operators faced challenges.

The Italian online casino sector has experienced substantial growth in the fourth month of the year, with the industry witnessing a significant upturn. Operators recorded a total spend of €191.5 million in April, marking a 20.8% increase compared to the €158.5 million spent in the same month the previous year.

Lottomatica Reigns as Market Leader, Pokerstars and Bet365 Struggle

Leading the market in Italy is Lottomatica, which recorded a market share of 19.8%, growing by 16% compared to April 2022. Other companies that saw a rise in market share include Sisal (+5.1%), Snaitech (+2.8%), and Planetwin365 (+11.2%).

Several operators also delivered impressive performances, such as Scommettendo (+9%), Betpoint (+26.8%), Betaland (+27.9%), Terrybet (+13.3%), Sportbet (+10%), ScommesseItalia (+17.7%), Betn1 (+9.4%), and Casinomania (+26.9%).

On the other hand, Pokerstars (-21%), 888 (-6.7%), Bet365 (-3.4%), and Netbet (-19.2%) saw a decline in their market shares.

These setbacks demonstrate that even well-established operators are not immune to the challenges and fluctuations of the highly competitive Italian online casino market. They will need to reevaluate their strategies and offerings to regain their market positions and stay relevant to the evolving preferences of Italian players, who might be migrating to bigger platforms, crypto casinos or web3 lotteries.

A Breakdown of Market Shares among Major Online Casino Operators

Here’s a summary of how the major operators fared in the Italian iGaming market in April:

  • Lottomatica: 19.81%
  • Sisal: 8.89%
  • SNAI: 8.49%
  • Pokerstars: 6.91%
  • Planetwin365: 6.46%
  • 888: 6.42%
  • Eurobet: 5.99%
  • StarCasino: 4.61%
  • E-Play 24: 3.53%
  • Bwin: 3.52%
  • Leo Vegas: 1.69%

In conclusion, the Italian online casino market has shown impressive growth in April, with a 20.8% increase in total spending compared to the same period last year.

While Lottomatica continues to dominate the market, several other operators have also experienced significant growth. However, some major players, such as Pokerstars and Bet365, have seen a decline in their market shares.

This dynamic landscape showcases the competitive nature of the industry and highlights the importance of continuous innovation and adaptation for online casino operators to thrive in the ever-evolving Italian market.

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