Italian Parliament Explores eSports Potential

italian parliament esports conference
Italy's Parliament hosts a historic two-day conference, focusing on the challenges, opportunities, and future potential of the eSports industry in the country.

The Italian Parliament has taken a significant step forward in recognising the growing eSports industry with a two-day conference titled “Challenges and Opportunities of eSports in Italy.” The event, organised by the Italian eSports Observatory (OIES) and the Five Star Movement, began today and will continue until tomorrow, focusing on the potential and the issues surrounding the eSports sector in Italy.

A Historic Day for eSports in Italy

OIES founder, Luigi Caputo, opened the conference by hailing it as a “historic day” for eSports. Caputo emphasised the importance of involving eSports in public debate, stating, “Over 5 million people play video games with a strong female presence. Gaming is a communication language that brings younger generations closer, so it’s an opportunity.”

The conference aims to explore the untapped potential of the eSports industry in Italy and encourage collaboration between stakeholders to address the challenges and possibilities of eSports. With millions of players and a growing interest from younger generations, the Italian eSports sector is poised for significant growth. eSports have been crucial in determining the latest iGaming trends in the past few years.

Italian Parliament: a White Paper to Guide the Industry

Caputo announced that, following the conference, a White Paper containing observations and proposals for the industry would be launched. This White Paper will serve as a guiding light for the eSports sector in Italy, helping stakeholders to understand and capitalise on the immense opportunities it offers.

By fostering cooperation between operators and providing essential insights into the industry’s current state and future potential, the White Paper aims to pave the way for growth and prosperity in Italy’s eSports sector.

Implications for the iGaming Industry

The recognition and growth of the eSports industry in Italy have several important implications for the iGaming sector.

  1. Increased collaboration: As the conference encourages collaboration between stakeholders, there will likely be new partnerships and opportunities for growth in the iGaming industry, which could lead to the creation of innovative gaming products and experiences.
  2. Greater public awareness: With eSports gaining prominence in public discourse, more people will become aware of the opportunities and potential in the industry. This increased awareness could drive higher levels of engagement, leading to a larger customer base for the iGaming sector, especially web3 lotteries and applications.
  3. Regulatory considerations: As the Italian eSports industry continues to grow, regulators will need to adapt to the unique needs and challenges of the sector. This may lead to the development of new policies and regulations that support and protect the interests of the iGaming industry and its players.
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