Italy’s Crackdown on Problem Gambling: What’s in Store

The Italian Government is set to implement new regulations on the country's gambling industry. The changes are aimed at improving player protection and curbing illegal gambling activities.

The proposed changes will grant the government the power to reorganize existing regulations on public gambling while maintaining the current authorization and concessionary model. This model is considered essential to ensure public order, and safety, and prevent money laundering. But at the same time, it appears that the government of Giorgia Meloni wants to guarantee that the regular inflow of taxes collected on gambling activities is not hindered by the upcoming changes.

The state reserve on the organization of games is based on the need to protect public order, prevent uncontrolled and unrestricted gambling, and direct some of the resources towards general taxation. This concept underpins the Italian model of public gambling, which relies on concessions awarded to private entities through public selection procedures, respecting EU regulations.

Measures to Prevent Pathological Gambling

The government will introduce measures to prevent pathological gambling by reducing betting and winnings limits, providing continuous training for operators, strengthening mechanisms for self-exclusion, setting minimum requirements for game rooms, and banning gambling on amateur sports competitions exclusively reserved for minors.

Revising the Regulatory Framework

The new regulations will guarantee the application of transparent and uniform rules throughout the country. The rules will ensure the involvement of regional and local authorities in the authorization process for gambling venues, including venues that offer sports and non-sports betting activities. The regulations will also cover the installation of suitable gaming equipment, like physical slot machines, across the country.

The government will also revise the current regulatory framework concerning the transparency and qualifications of entities involved in public gambling. This revision includes the introduction of new regulations on trusts and fiduciary companies that participate in the capital of concessionaires. The new rules will extend to all entities in the public gambling sector.

Other changes will include the introduction of a clear regime of responsibility for concessionaires and holders of game offerings. The government will also rationalize the territorial network for collecting game proceeds, and strengthen the sanctions for violations of the rules governing the gambling industry.


The proposed changes to the Italian gambling industry are aimed at protecting players and preventing illegal activities while ensuring a regular inflow of taxes. The new regulations will ensure transparent and uniform rules throughout the country, and guarantee the involvement of regional and local authorities in the authorization process for gambling venues.

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