Jackpocket and Boston Red Sox: A Winning Team-Up

Jackpocket and Boston Red Sox
Jackpocket and Boston Red Sox ally, expanding the influence of the iLottery App with a fresh gaming dynamic for fans in Massachusetts.

With baseball season in full swing, an exciting alliance is forming off the field. Jackpocket, hailed as America’s premier lottery app, has sealed a multi-year partnership with the iconic Boston Red Sox. This move not only elevates the brand’s presence but also brings an innovative lottery experience to the fans of this storied baseball team.

A Grand Slam for Massachusetts Fans

In a statement, Jackpocket CEO Peter Sullivan expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “When you think of baseball, you think of the Boston Red Sox. We are thrilled to be the digital lottery courier partner to this historic organization and to provide Massachusetts fans a new, fun, and convenient way to play the lottery – right from their phones.

This partnership is impeccably timed as Jackpocket launches in Massachusetts and commemorates its first significant ticket winners in the state.

Red Sox fans are in for a treat. Throughout the 2023 season, Jackpocket promises a plethora of giveaways, including sought-after home game tickets and exclusive VIP experiences. Fans are given the opportunity to glimpse behind-the-scenes ballpark tours and watch the batting practice right from the field’s warning track.

Digital Integration into Fenway Park

In an era where digital presence means everything, the Boston Red Sox are not holding back. By partnering with Jackpocket, they’re ensuring the app’s prominent presence both online and offline.

Expect to see Jackpocket’s branding during home games at Fenway Park, from in-game signage on the Truly Terrace LED ribbon to pregame commercials. Their brand will also appear on Red Sox’s social media channels, granting fans chances to snag free lottery tickets during high-stakes moments and even win other exciting prizes throughout the season.

Troup Parkinson, Executive Vice President, Partnerships, Boston Red Sox, remarked on the significance of this alliance. “With their digital lottery courier app now available in Massachusetts, we are excited to work with Jackpocket to offer fans convenient access to gaming and help boost local lottery business.”

This isn’t Jackpocket’s first rodeo in sports collaborations. With five MLB teams under its belt, and partnerships across the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA, Jackpocket is steadily becoming a household name in the sports domain. Massachusetts marks the 17th state where Jackpocket is available, allowing residents the luxury to participate in official state lottery games from their homes or on-the-move. With over $300 million in prizes already won by its users, it’s a platform showing no signs of slowing down.

Implications for the iLottery Industry

  • Greater Visibility: Partnerships with iconic sports teams like the Red Sox bring the digital lottery platforms to the mainstream spotlight.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Offering exclusive experiences to users, such as behind-the-scenes tours, can set a new standard for iLottery promotions.
  • Economic Boost: Integrating iLottery apps with sports events can potentially increase ticket sales and benefit the state’s lottery business.

In essence, as Jackpocket joins forces with the Boston Red Sox, it not only underscores its commitment to providing a unique lottery experience but also sets a precedent for other iLottery platforms to follow.

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