Jackpot.com Launches Mobile Lottery Services in NY

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Jackpot.com, an online lottery platform, has expanded into New York, marking a significant step towards digitizing the lottery industry nationwide.

In an effort to modernize the lottery industry, Jackpot.com, an online lottery platform, has expanded its operations into New York. This strategic move into New York, a hub for lottery enthusiasts, is the third expansion for the company this year, signaling a continued push to digitize the lottery across the country.

An Innovative Leap: Putting Lottery in the Digital Realm

Jackpot.com’s digital platform offers New Yorkers the option to order official state lottery tickets from the comfort of their devices. Customers can order tickets for various games including Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life, New York Lotto, and Pick 10.

The platform operates by purchasing tickets from official state lottery retailers on behalf of its customers. Upon a win, prizes under $600 are directly transferred to the player’s account. However, if a prize exceeds $600, the winning ticket is securely sent to the customer for them to claim the winnings from the New York Lottery.

Jackpot.com has also prioritized responsible gaming measures within their digital operations. These efforts include setting default limits on daily deposits, access to gambling resources, and self-exclusion options in the continuous fight against gambling addiction (see here statistics for gambling addiction in the US in 2022). As a result of these initiatives, the National Council on Problem Gambling has granted the platform an iCap certification.

Considerations for the Future of iLottery

The decision by Jackpot.com to extend its services to New York prompts consideration about the future of the iGaming and iLottery industry:

  • Accessibility and Reach: The move to digital platforms, as evidenced by Jackpot.com, increases the accessibility of lottery games. This shift may increase customer reach, particularly in large markets like New York.
  • Emphasis on Responsible Gaming: Jackpot.com’s commitment to responsible gaming demonstrates the importance of integrating safe gambling practices into the business model of iGaming companies. This commitment sets a precedent that other companies may look to replicate.
  • The Scope for Expansion: Jackpot.com’s successful expansion into three markets in a single year indicates the potential for similar platforms to emerge, highlighting customers’ readiness for digital and crypto lottery services.

The arrival of Jackpot.com in New York underlines the evolving landscape of the lottery industry, with increased digitalisation and commitment to responsible gaming. The broader iGaming industry may see these developments as a signal to adapt to the changing demands and expectations of a more digitally inclined customer base.

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