Kindred’s Safer Gambling Strategy Takes Centre Stage with Rangers FC

Changing Tactics: Kindred Group's New Take on Sponsorship
Kindred's safer gambling strategy takes centre stage in the 2023-24 season as the company uses its Rangers sponsorship to champion responsible gaming.

Unibet will replace 32Red on the players’ shirts for the the 2023-24 Scottish Premiership season. This change signals more than just a visual update; it reflects the company’s shift in focus.

Next to the Unibet logo, players’ shirts will also bear the slogan “Zero % Mission”. This phrase is an explicit nod to Kindred’s commitment to eradicating all harmful gambling-generated revenue, underlining the company’s commitment to a safer, more responsible gambling culture.

Dual Goals: Education and Support

The initiative is aimed at not only raising awareness but also delivering practical help. It intends to educate players about available tools for ensuring their gambling remains safe and enjoyable, and to provide support for those encountering issues.

Neil Banbury, Kindred’s general manager, expressed, “Our ambition is to lead the industry in terms of transparency and innovation, making our platforms the safest place to play. We’re dedicated to refining our technology and systems, educating our customers continually, all to make strides in our Zero % Mission.”

Progress Monitoring: Responsible Gambling Outcomes

During Q1 of 2023, Kindred reported a decline in revenue generated from harmful gambling. Harmful gambling contributed 3.0% to the total revenue, indicating a drop from the 3.3% recorded in the same period in 2022.

Kindred points to targeted improvements aimed at enhancing the customer’s responsible gambling journey as a reason for this positive trend. Even though the intervention rate was slightly down from 84.7% in Q1 2022, 83.0% of identified customers improved their gambling behaviour after interventions by Kindred’s teams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic branding opportunities: Kindred Group’s move to leverage its Rangers sponsorship to promote safer gambling practices underscores the potential for utilising sponsorships as platforms for corporate social responsibility initiatives, potentially leading to enhanced brand reputation.
  • Technology and customer education as a tool: Kindred’s focus on improving its technology and educating customers demonstrates that industry players need to invest heavily in these areas. These are crucial for promoting safer gambling and tackling harmful gambling revenue.
  • Monitoring and intervention effectiveness: Kindred’s reported decrease in harmful gambling revenue, despite a slightly lower intervention rate, indicates the importance of monitoring gambling behaviours and effectively intervening when necessary. This suggests that targeted, timely interventions can yield significant results in mitigating harmful gambling, even if the overall rate of interventions decreases.
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