Maverick Games and Pinnacle Solution: A New Partnership in Crypto Betting

maverick and pinnacle
In an recent move, Maverick Games is partnering with Pinnacle Solution, moving forwar the crypto sports betting landscape with their combined prowess.

In the world of crypto sports betting, Maverick Games, an operator licensed in the Isle of Man, has formed a business alliance with Pinnacle Solution. The collaboration is predicted to improve Maverick’s sportsbook services and aligns with its consistent focus on player security and safety.

Maverick Games’ commitment to delivering top-quality services in the crypto betting field is bolstered by this latest partnership, strengthening its industry standing.

Pinnacle Solution’s Innovative Betting Solution: The Game-Changer

With a 25-year track record across a multitude of betting markets, Pinnacle’s comprehensive betting solution offers exemplary trading and risk management in a broad range of sports, including growth and esports.

Thanks to this cooperation, Maverick Games will offer its players highly competitive odds, increased betting limits, and the possibility to place bets with an array of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

Maverick’s most recent developments, including a poker offering and a Rakeback promotion, illustrate the brand’s commitment to diversifying its offerings and catering to a wide range of player preferences.

Danny Carrington, the Marketing Director at Maverick Games, commented on the partnership, “Pinnacle Solution epitomises what a sportsbook provider should deliver… We appreciate how their technology has improved our sportsbook.

Implications of the Partnership for the iGaming Industry

This new development may have substantial implications for the iGaming industry:

  • Focus on Player Experience: This partnership underscores the determination of crypto sports betting operators, like Maverick Games, to improve the player experience, spotlighting the significance of customer-oriented strategies in the sector.
  • Crypto Adoption: The option to wager with an extended range of cryptocurrencies may drive a broader adoption of digital currencies in sports betting, fostering new innovations and entry of new players.
  • Regulation and Trust: The formation of alliances with well-regarded organisations and adherence to licensing from esteemed regulatory bodies could enhance the level of trust players have in crypto operators, underlining the critical need for increased transparency and regulation within the industry. This could favour the development of blockchain-based betting sites, like web3 lotteries, crypto casinos and NFT gambling sites.
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