New Yorkers Get Free Lottery Tickets in Fortune Cookies partners with OpenFortune to offer New Yorkers fortune cookies that includes a free lottery ticket.

Online platform has joined hands with OpenFortune Media, a rapidly expanding media company noted for infusing advertising within fortune cookies. The fruits of this partnership? For New Yorkers, it means their beloved fortune cookie ritual now offers a tangible shot at riches.

Specifically, cookies distributed across eateries and within delivery packs in the region will house a QR code. Upon scanning, this code unlocks a free lottery ticket accessible right from one’s mobile device, with potential winnings reaching the hundreds of millions.

Matt Williams, OpenFortune’s co-founder and Chief Cookie Officer, remarked, “People put an immense amount of trust in their fortune cookies when playing the lottery… Our partnership allows us to tap into this tradition while giving people tangible opportunities to win real money that could change their lives forever.” Williams also expressed excitement at joining’s marketing endeavors, mentioning other prominent collaborations like the one with the New York Yankees.

The Modernization of the Lottery Experience is already a favorite in New York, enabling residents to order tickets for popular lotteries like Powerball, Mega Millions, and New York Lotto. The partnership with OpenFortune is poised to invigorate the lottery-playing routine by intertwining it with a culturally significant custom. Akshay K. Khanna, CEO and co-founder of, emphasized this point, mentioning their continuous drive to enhance the player experience and hoping for more New Yorkers to uncover potentially life-altering prizes through this initiative.

For the New York community, the excitement is palpable. As they indulge in their favorite meals, there’s now an added layer of anticipation – that the fortune cookie concluding their meal might just be their ticket to fortune.

Implications for the iLottery Industry

  • Embracing Cultural Nuances: By tapping into the cultural significance of the fortune cookie, this partnership indicates a trend where iLottery platforms might integrate more local customs to increase engagement.
  • Technological Integration: The use of QR codes demonstrates how merging traditional practices with technology can create an enriched and convenient user experience. This is bound to encourage more such technological integrations in the industry, a digitalisation trend experienced in 2023 and is here to stay.
  • Broadened Horizons for Partnerships: The collaboration between a media company specializing in fortune cookies and an online lottery platform paves the way for more out-of-the-box partnerships, enriching customer experiences and expanding market reach. This might mean that more innovative ways to play the lottery, like crypto lotteries on defi platforms might soon get on the sportlight.

In summary, the fusion of tradition and technology, as seen with and OpenFortune, holds the potential to revolutionize the iLottery industry, offering players new and exciting ways to try their luck.

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