Newcastle United and Fun88 Overhaul Their Partnership

Newcastle United and Fun88 Overhaul Their Partnership
The Newcastle United Fun88 partnership enters a transformative phase, as they renew their multi-year agreement with a notable change: Fun88 will no longer be the front-of-shirt sponsor.

Instead, per the club’s statement, “The partnership will continue to support the club’s commercial growth in Asia through FUN88, offering in-market initiatives, official club merchandise and VIP experiences for supporters.”

Beginning in 2017, Fun88 formed an alliance with Newcastle United, solidifying its presence in sports sponsorships. The operator’s logo became a familiar sight on the front of the Magpies’ kits and training wear for six seasons, thanks to an extension signed before the 2020/21 season.

Future Aims of the Partnership

Under the new partnership’s terms, Fun88 commits to foster Newcastle United’s commercial growth in Asia. This strategy will take the shape of in-market initiatives, exclusive club merchandise, and VIP experiences crafted for the club’s loyal supporters. Newcastle United expressed gratitude to Fun88 for its support throughout the past six campaigns, underlining the club’s eagerness to collaborate in the forthcoming seasons.

In April, UK’s Premier League clubs collectively decided to voluntarily remove gambling sponsorships from the front of their matchday shirts, expecting the Gambling Act white paper review. By the end of the 2025/26 season, they anticipate this change will fully take effect. Many view this proactive decision as a response to a significant element in the recently published review.

The Magpies, alongside seven other Premier League teams, including Bournemouth, Brentford, Everton, Fulham, Leeds United, Southampton and West Ham, previously sported a gambling company as their front-of-shirt sponsor. The clubs’ collective decision marks an era of change in the way football and betting industries intersect. As the landscape evolves, partnerships like Newcastle United and Fun88 will continue to adapt, seeking fresh avenues to support and benefit each other.

Key Takeaways

Examining the new agreement, three key takeaways stand out for the iGaming industry.

  • First, we see the industry adapting to changing regulatory landscapes proactively.
  • iGaming firms like Fun88 show commitment to supporting their partners beyond traditional sponsorships.
  • Partnerships increasingly focus on market-specific growth, with Asia being a primary target in this case.
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