Pennsylvania Becomes Kindred’s Second US Market

Kindred Group debuts its proprietary technology platform in Pennsylvania, marking its second venture following an earlier launch in New Jersey.

Taking another step in its geographic expansion, the Kindred Group has introduced its proprietary tech platform to the iGaming community in Pennsylvania. This comes on the heels of a similar launch in New Jersey earlier this year.

As a result, Pennsylvanians now have the opportunity to engage with Kindred’s Unibet casino and sportsbook apps.

Pennsylvania New Chapter in Gaming

The platform aims to serve customers with personalized content and products while also offering improved analytics. This initiative is a win for Kindred’s Pennsylvania-based customers, according to Nils Andén, Kindred’s interim chief executive.

Since September 2019, Unibet, as Kindred’s primary brand, has operated in Pennsylvania. It started its journey as a retail sportsbook in collaboration with Mohegan Sun Pocono. The integration of Kindred’s platform signifies a noteworthy milestone in Unibet’s evolution within the state.

Earlier, New Jersey gave the green light to Kindred’s platform. Here, the customer feedback was favorable, highlighting improvements in design, navigation, and system stability, as mentioned by Andén. Excitingly, he also revealed plans for the platform’s future expansion into more states.

Rippling Effects on the iGaming Industry

Looking at the larger picture, Kindred’s platform launch may resonate across the iGaming industry in several ways:

  • Technology Evolution: By bringing a new tech platform into play, Kindred contributes to the diversity of technological options available in the iGaming industry.
  • Potential for Expansion: Kindred’s footprint in Pennsylvania and New Jersey reflects the potential for other iGaming companies to extend their reach.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: The focus on personalized experiences may prompt other companies in the sector to prioritize customer experiences more strongly.

By introducing its proprietary platform in new markets, Kindred Group may be paving the way for advances in technology, market expansion, and customer focus in the iGaming industry.

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