Promoting Safe Gambling: The 2023 Safer Gambling Week

Safer Gambling Week
The annual Safer Gambling Week, a key campaign promoting responsible betting, is slated for 13-19 November 2023, announced by the Betting and Gaming Council.

In a recent announcement, the Betting and Gaming Council confirmed the dates for this year’s Safer Gambling Week. Slated for the 13th to the 19th of November, this annual event is more than a date on a calendar. It is a beacon for the industry, illuminating the significance of safer gambling practices while advertising the various tools that customers can utilise to keep their habits in check.

The Safer Gambling Week is a tour de force in collaborative efforts, orchestrated by several significant industry players: the BGC, Bacta, The Lotteries Council, and The Bingo Association. Together, these organisations unite under the banner of Safer Gambling Week to push the industry towards a more responsible approach to betting and gaming.

Reflecting on the Past, Building for the Future

The previous campaign, held in 2022, can be accurately described as a success story. A significant number of users took a conscious decision to control their gambling habits, with 200,000 setting deposit limits, marking an encouraging 12.5% increase compared to the previous year.

In the virtual world of social media, the campaign made waves too, generating an impressive 30 million impressions across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The industry’s leaders warmly greeted the campaign’s success. Michael Dugher, the CEO of the BGC, expressed his satisfaction with the campaign’s outcomes and reiterated the industry’s resolve to keep problem gambling rates low. He stated, “Safer Gambling Week is now an established annual event in the industry’s calendar, doing vital work promoting the safer gambling tools only available in the regulated betting and gaming sector.

For John White, the CEO of Bacta, the event is not just a once-a-year initiative but reflects the ethos that drives the day-to-day operations of Bacta members. He emphasised the organisation’s ongoing commitment to offering a safer gambling experience and reducing problem gambling rates to record-low levels.

An important event for the iGaming Industry

As Safer Gambling Week 2023 approaches, its anticipated impact on the iGaming industry is profound:

  • It bolsters the industry’s public image, demonstrating its commitment to proactive, responsible betting and gaming practices.
  • It sparks innovation, pushing the development of tools and technologies that help users maintain control over their gambling activities.
  • It points the industry towards a sustainable growth pattern that values customer welfare and long-term stability over short-term gains. This is a recent trend in the iGaming industry, which is more and more focused on responsible gaming.
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