Roobet x Decentraland: A New Chapter in iGaming

roobet x decentraland
Roobet, the popular crypto gambling platform, is making a move into the Metaverse with a partnership with Decentraland.

A household name in the realm of crypto-based online gambling, Roobet, has become a force in internet communities, thanks in part to influencer marketing initiatives. The platform, renowned for its array of games, has attracted a vast audience since its inception in 2019.

The surge of Web3, especially during the lockdown, amplified Roobet’s user base significantly, marking a turning point in crypto iGaming.

Roobet Enters Metaverse in Collaboration with Decentraland

Building upon its momentum, Roobet announced an expansion plan in 2023. In partnership with Decentraland, a well-known name in the Metaverse world, Roobet is set to introduce the first crypto casino in the Metaverse, offering a unique VR experience to users. Decentraland, known for its virtual art and fashion shows, seems to be an ideal partner for this revolutionary endeavour.

Matt Duea, Roobet Co-founder, reflected on this strategic move, “Our objective is to establish a fun, secure space where players are at liberty to shape their experiences. We have never been reluctant to pioneer, and we’re excited to deviate from traditional norms to provide a truly community-centric experience that encourages creativity, interactivity, and self-expression.

Roobet x Decentraland: What to Expect?

From June 2nd, Decentraland users can access ‘Roobet Land’ on both mobile and desktop platforms. This partnership goes beyond mere compatibility, reflecting Roobet’s commitment to decentralised governance and community participation, values shared by Decentraland.

Users will have the opportunity to participate in several games including a VR version of their famous crypto Crash game. The experience is enhanced with a scavenger hunt that offers real cash prizes and digital wearable NFTs for the users’ Metaverse characters.

Implications for the iGaming Industry

This revolutionary move by Roobet, delving into the Metaverse, signifies critical shifts in the iGaming industry:

  1. New Dimensions for User Engagement: The integration of VR technology into online gambling opens new avenues for user engagement and entertainment. The immersive experience can potentially attract a wider audience, thus expanding the industry towards web3 lotteries, crypto casinos and metaverse casinos.
  2. Increased Adoption of Blockchain Technology: Roobet’s initiative further encourages the adoption of blockchain technology in the industry, increasing transparency and fostering trust among users.
  3. Enhanced Role of Community Participation: Roobet’s endeavour also hints at a future where community participation and decentralised governance play a significant role, potentially leading to a more user-centric iGaming industry.

The shift in focus from traditional online gambling to a more innovative, community-centred approach, coupled with blockchain technology, seems to set a promising course for the future of the iGaming industry.

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