SCORP Token: A $420,000 Presale in 11 Days

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Scorpion Casino's SCORP token presale, raking over $420,000 in 11 days, proposes income-generating opportunities.

The recent presale of Scorpion Casino’s SCORP token reached over $420,000 in less than two weeks. This development in the online gambling platform introduces the possibility of passive income derived from the casino’s profits, attracting a broad spectrum of investors.

Stakeholders as Casino Owners

A key feature of Scorpion Casino is its unique approach to transforming token holders into stakeholders of the casino’s earnings. This approach enables individuals to benefit from the casino’s daily revenue, and we have seen the staking option being successful before in web3 lotteries like Pooltoghether.

The platform offers two distinct methods for generating passive income. Firstly, there is potential for investors to earn up to $10,000 USDT daily from a portion of the casino’s profits. This portion of the daily earnings is used for purchasing SCORP tokens, which are then distributed among the token holders or burned, thereby reducing the token’s total supply.

Secondly, a 10% sales tax applied to SCORP transactions is split among the token holders and a burner address. This sales tax enhances token balance and contributes to the deflationary nature of the SCORP token.

Despite the availability of established platforms such as, BC.Game, and Roobet, Scorpion Casino maintains that these platforms do not offer the same features and benefits. Scorpion Casino offers over 200 games, live games, and a sportsbook with 30,000 betting options.

SCORP token model: Analysis and Implications

The evolution of the iGaming industry, evidenced by ventures such as Scorpion Casino, presents significant implications:

  • The decentralised, shared-ownership model pioneered by Scorpion Casino may prompt traditional casinos to rethink their business models.
  • The SCORP token’s success signifies the growing acceptance and utilisation of cryptocurrencies in the online gambling landscape.
  • The concept of passive income opportunities introduced by Scorpion Casino may serve as a model for player rewards, which could affect competition and user expectations within the industry.
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