Social Media Fuels Growth in UK’s Gambling & Lotteries Industry

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The UK's Gambling & Lotteries industry is harnessing the power of social media to reach millions of people and generate engagement, generating 15.5 million cross-platform actions.

In January 2023, the iGaming industry and traditional gambling in the UK reached an audience of 29 million people on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, generating 15.5 million cross-platform actions.

Comscore, Inc. released a ranking of top social properties by engagement for the industry in the UK based on data from that month. The report revealed that LiveScore was the highest-ranking social property, with over 13 million cross-platform actions and an audience of 4,212,946 followers. Paddy Power came in second with 1,114,716 actions.

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Source: Shareablee Powered by Comscore

The Gambling & Lotteries industry is a significant part of the UK’s entertainment and leisure sector. Despite any challenges, the industry continues to grow, with many people enjoying the entertainment and excitement that it provides.

From online and crypto betting and casino games, and crypto lotteries to national lotteries and sports betting, there are a huge variety of options available for consumers.

Social media has become a crucial platform for the iGaming industry in the UK to connect with its audience. Companies are leveraging Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach a wider audience and generate leads and engagement for their products.

The continued growth of the Gambling & Lotteries industry in the UK will be intriguing to watch, especially as companies continue to tap into social media to connect with their audience.

With an ever-growing number of people using social media platforms, the industry is likely to rely on this channel to stay relevant and connected with consumers. As technology and digital innovation continue to shape the industry, it will be interesting to see how companies navigate the social media landscape to generate growth and sustain profitability.

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