St. Croix Casinos Tap IGT for Sports Betting Expansion

St. Croix Casinos
IGT furthers its reach in Wisconsin, launching sports betting in three St. Croix Casinos through a landmark multi-year agreement.

International Game Technology, a global leader in gaming, has announced plans to amplify its sports betting footprint in Wisconsin. This expansion follows a multi-year agreement with the St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin. The deal will leverage IGT’s PlaySports technology to propel retail sports betting in three St. Croix Casino locations: Turtle Lake, Danbury, and Hertel.

In addition to employing IGT’s technology, the trio of casinos will also integrate IGT’s trading advisory services and self-service PlaySports QuickBet Kiosks.

A Boost to St. Croix Casino Offerings and Customer Engagement

Loren Benjamin, General Manager of St. Croix Casino, shares the enthusiasm surrounding this partnership, stating, “Our agreement with IGT will enable us to wow our guests with localized betting offers and first-rate player experiences at our sportsbooks and grow excitement at The Book and the Red Zone.

Benjamin further emphasized that sports betting has sparked fresh energy and increased visitation to their casinos.

IGT’s PlaySports technology is already deployed in over 90 gaming venues across North America. The solution offers what sports fans value most in a sportsbook: choice, convenience, and reliable, intuitive technology.

IGT’s President of Sports Betting, Joe Asher, noted that IGT aims to assist St. Croix Casinos in augmenting player engagement and sportsbook profitability through their tried-and-true tech solutions.

Implications for the iGaming Industry

The partnership between IGT and St. Croix Casinos signifies a few key takeaways for the broader iGaming industry:

  • Continued Expansion: IGT’s move into Wisconsin casinos indicates an ongoing trend of rapid expansion in the sports betting sector, encouraging other industry players to explore similar growth opportunities.
  • Emphasis on Technology: The strategic use of innovative technology, like IGT’s PlaySports, further emphasizes the vital role of advanced tech solutions in driving growth and customer engagement in the betting industry.
  • Partnerships for Growth: This collaboration underscores the importance of strategic partnerships between tech providers and casino operators in shaping the future of the industry, setting a precedent for future alliances.

In conclusion, IGT’s venture into Wisconsin’s gaming scene represents a significant development in the sports betting industry.

Through their strategic partnerships, companies like IGT continue to redefine the iGaming landscape by ensuring a robust, engaging, and technologically advanced experience for their players.

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