Tackling Match-Fixing: IBIA and IBJR Unite for Integrity

Tackling Match-Fixing
In a landmark move, Brazil's IBJR and the global IBIA unite to combat match-fixing, enhancing integrity in Brazil's sports betting scene.

In a landmark stride toward upholding sports integrity, Brazil’s Institute of Responsible Gaming (IBJR) has joined forces with the globally recognised International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). This collaboration is geared towards creating robust safeguards against match-fixing, a menace that has long haunted the sports betting industry.

At the heart of this partnership lies a betting integrity protection agreement, undersigned by both organisations. This pact aims to fortify efforts against match-fixing, while also enhancing vigilance around various sports events within the country. This action of solidarity comes in the wake of Brazil’s recent unveiling of its interim measure for sports betting, positioning it on the brink of full regulation.

André Gelfi, the CEO of IBJR, emphasised the need for stricter regulation within the sector. “Sector regulation is essential to increase the authorities’ monitoring and collaboration actions to curb match-fixing schemes, protecting sports betting companies and Brazilian bettors,” he noted.

Shared Objectives for a Thriving Betting Market

Both IBIA and IBJR hold common aspirations for their alliance – safeguarding Brazil’s betting customers. The CEOs of both organisations have already initiated critical introductions with key authorities, aiming to foster closer cooperation to combat match-fixing effectively.

Khalid Ali, the CEO of IBIA, expressed delight at the formation of this partnership. He acknowledged that their conversations with the IBJR team revealed a shared commitment towards promoting a healthy and responsible betting market in Brazil. Ali confirmed their intention to pursue joint projects that advance these critical objectives.

Implications for the iGaming Industry

The partnership between IBIA and IBJR carries significant implications for the iGaming industry. Firstly, this alliance will likely bolster the credibility of the betting environment in Brazil, fostering trust amongst bettors and encouraging global operators to invest in the country.

Secondly, this collaboration sets a powerful precedent for other jurisdictions worldwide, demonstrating the potency of partnerships in safeguarding sports and betting integrity. It could inspire similar agreements, strengthening the global fight against match-fixing.

Lastly, the partnership signals a trend towards greater regulation in the iGaming industry. It underscores the industry’s willingness to self-regulate and collaborate with authorities, a development that could lead to more countries opening up their markets to regulated sports betting, creating a safer environment for bettors globally.

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